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Dionisio Cortes Ortega is a Mexican-American visual artists, photographer and architect living and working in New York City. While studying architecture at The Cooper Union, Dionisio took a number of film and photography classes in the art school and has been shooting film ever since. Recently, he has had a growing interest in landscapes and shoots whenever he is traveling. 

Dionisio created this website inspired by the film contact sheet. Not every photograph taken is shown here, this photographs featured here are a selection of a few. However, there are several photographs similar to each other that Dionisio decided to keep, which would normally be discarded. The photographs are also meant to be presented and organized together as a landscape collage allowing the viewer to immerse themselves in the location.

Dionisio shoots mostly with 120 analogue film and uses almost exclusively the Yashica Matt 124 G. Occasionally, he uses the Canon F-1, Olympus PEN-D3, Canon AE-1, the Moskava-5, and the Rollei 35.

All photographs on this website have been taken with analogue 120 medium format film. The film is developed professionally and then scanned with limited resolution for website viewing. A scan with up to 12800 resolution can be made any of the photographs to produce printed high resolution images of approximately 60inches x 60inches. Printed photographs can be made with archival Gliceé ink. Dark room silver gelatin prints can be made as a special request. Please contact Dionisio to inquire about prints.

Dionisio allows an edition of 10 for each of his photographs printed at any size.  All printed  photographs will note edition number, titled, and be signed. 

Dionisio also works in large scale sculpture and installation work. His work sculptural work can be seen at Dionisio is Co-founder of Reform Architecture:

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